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What is Pure Fare?

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Is Pure Fare a diet plan?

Not at all - Pure Fare is a lifestyle brand. Through our integrated in store and out of store experience, our goal is to better educate our customers on their health and to help them achieve healthier lifestyles. 

How can I get the most out of Pure Fare?

Pure Fare is a first of its kind food concept. To get the most out of the experience, visit Pure Fare, get a Pure Fare card or key tag, create a My Fare account, get informed on your current health and begin to use our free interactive tools.

I want Pure Fare in my city! How can I let Pure Fare know?

Great! Please send your thoughts and comments to:

Where is your store located?

Our first store is located at 119 South 21st in Philadelphia. Many more to come!


When is your Pure Fare mobile launching?

We expect to have our mobile up and running soon. Follow us on twitter or Facebook to stay informed.

Do you franchise?

Sorry, we do not have any franchise opportunities right now.

Do you have a mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Andriod, Blackberry)?

We are currently working on a first version of our app. In the meantime, you can download the CardStar app on your smartphone and store your Pure Fare card number. Simply use this in-store at checkout in place of your Pure Fare card or key fob. The CardStar app can be installed on the iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Follow us on facebook or twitter for more updates!


Our food

Where do you source your products? Are your foods unprocessed and all natural?

We strive to source all of our products from the best local purveyors we can find. We will go anywhere to ensure that our products meet the highest standards possible. This means unprocessed, antibiotic free, all natural products. Our products are made fresh everyday.

I have certain allergies, how do I know which of your foods contain these allergens?

Some of our products may contain certain common allergens - please carefully read the product descriptions for further information.

Who makes your food?

Our food is made fresh daily by our team. We have gone through an extensive process to ensure that our menu items are healthy, tasty, appropriately portioned, well balanced and contain the proper ingredients. Pure Fare will continue to work with leading nutritional professionals as the brand grows to continue this focus on quality, nutrition and taste.


My Fare

Is my personal / health data private?

Yes - we will never share your data with anyone without your permission. You can choose to delete your account at any time.

I lost my Pure Fare card, how can I get a new one?

Please visit our store to retrieve a new card. All of your previous My Fare information, including your history, will not be lost. You can also download our iPhone app or Cardstar to store you Pure Fare card number.

How does the Pure Fare tracking system work?

Pure Fare has a unique, proprietary tracking system that allows you to effortlessly track the food you eat. When you purchase products at Pure Fare (in our locations or through ecommerce), our technology will send your purchases nutritional information automatically to your My Fare profile page. That's it! All the other foods you eat can be tracked through our database containing over 30,000 food items.

How can I add my own recipes / foods to your database?

Please send item(s) you would like to add to the following email address:

Please note that we will need the ingredients and measurements to accurately integrate the item into our database.

What is BMI (Body Mass Index)? Is it an accurate indicator of my health?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a standardized ratio of weight to height and is often used as a general indicator of health. However, BMI does not take body composition into account. A weight above this range could still be considered healthy if your percentage body fat is less than average.

Why is my waist size important?

If you are a male with waist size greater than 40" or a female with a waist size greater than 35", you may be at higher risk for certain diseases including: diabetes and heart disease. In other words, use waist size as a "check" even if your BMI is in the healthy range.

How do you arrive at my recommended foods in my My Fare profile?

Pure Fare uses an algorithm to match specific Pure Fare items to your health profile. As you consume more calories and log these items, your personalized food recommendations continually update with items that fit your remaining nutrient balance.

Why are the statistics / charts helpful? What should I look for?

The Statistics part your My Fare page will allow you to observe your consumption patterns and weight through time. If you track your foods often, you will be able to accurately get a snapshot of how often you are over or under your target daily caloric intake.

We will definitely make further enhancements to these analytics and offer you new and exciting features in the near future.

How accurate is your daily calorie allowance calculation?

An accurate determination of the calories you burn can only be accomplished by individual physiological testing administered by a medical professional. However, our tools provide a reasonable estimate of your daily needs.

If I start to exercise more, should I update my profile?

Yes! Exercise complements healthy eating. If you increase your level of physical activity this will change your target daily caloric intake. Combining healthy eating with physical exercise will help you achieve your goals. Our exercise database contains over 500 exercises and activities.

How do I update my weight?

When on you're My Fare page, click to the "Edit" button. On this page, find the "Weight" field and enter in your new weight.

Do I have to set a goal?

Nope. We leave this up to you. As defined by your profile and if necessary, our site will provide you with a recommended level of weight loss in order to achieve a healthy or normal BMI.

I don't want to set a time period to achieve my goal, is that ok?

Of course - again, we leave this completely up to you. We do, however, recommend a timeframe for you.

In my log, what does the "PF" stand for by my entries?

The "PF" refers to items that you have purchased from a Pure Fare location. Our in-store technology automatically sends these items and their nutritional composition to your My Fare page. In other words, we do the work for you.

What is your 80/20 rule?

This is an important part of what our brand is about - 80% of time try and be eat healthy (along with engaging in physical activity), 20% of the time - enjoy the occasional cheeseburger. Pure Fare is not about confining you to a rigid set of rules, but our goal is to empower you towards a healthier lifestyle. Life without the occasional cheeseburger just wouldn't be fair.

How can I redeem my Pure Fare badges for rewards and other good stuff?

Once you accumulate enough badges, Pure Fare will automatically send you notification of your reward. You can redeem the reward through our online platform or in store. The more you utilize Pure Fare's My Fare service (through eating @ Pure Fare, logging your foods + exercises) the more rewards you can earn!

We will continually add rewards and incentives to our platform to help incentivize you and keep you informed, motivated and healthy.

How do I know what option to choose for my Activity Level (PAL)?

For most people, your PAL (Physical Activity Level) will correspond to "Very Light Activity". This represents an approximate PAL of 1.2. You can also enter in the minutes performed of specific exercises.