By now we have probably all heard of the term “farm to table”. This term was normalized by some pioneers in the restaurant industry like Alice Waters and Dan Barber. But one must wonder, is it all it's cracked up to be? Up until the Green Revolution, farm to table was the norm. Our food system was based on locally produced products coming from family farms. The Green Revolution was born in 1930 and was headed by a man named Norman Borlaug. There was a fear that the ever growing population could not be sustained by traditional agricultural practices. As a solution, Borlaug developed high-yeild varieties of crops that depend heavily on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. While this model did seem to produce higher yields at times it also created a dependency on chemicals to produce our food instead of dependency on soil health.

What if I told you that the best food to fuel your body was also the most sustainable option for our planet.  Seems too good to be true.  At Pure Fare we make an effort to source all of our food locally when possible keeping you and the environment in mind!


Benefits to you

Locally grown produce is full of flavor.  When food is picked to be shipped long distances, it is harvested early before its full ripeness to ensure it will still be edible by the time it hits the supermarket shelves. In this state, our fruits and vegetables are picked before they are edible and ripened by ethylene while they are in transit. Ethylene is a hormone that occurs in plants that causes them to ripen off the vine. When fruits and vegetables have the full time to mature on the plant, they build complex phytonutrients that give food much of its taste. This is because they are pulling nutrients from the soil that they are grown in. Food grown and harvested far from the consumer can sit at distribution centers for large periods of time which degrades the quality and taste of the food.  

The same issues that degrade taste in produce also have the unfortunate side effect of affecting nutritional content.  Foods from local sources are also more nutritious which gives your body more of the stuff it needs.  When food has the chance to fully mature on the plant, it acquires the most nutrients it possibly can. As produce sits, the quality and nutrients deteriorate. When organic produce is allowed to carry out its full term on the vine,  Although these crops will change in taste and texture after being picked, their nutritional content only degrades following harvesting.  Maintaining nutritional quality in fruits and vegetables also requires careful handling.  Post- harvest practices have a large affect on maintaining nutritional content of produce.  The less steps between the farm and our kitchen, the more nutritional and tasty the food will be.  

We source our food from organic farms committed to promoting ecosystem health.  This includes the health of soils.  The food at Pure Fare comes from organic farms that don't use chemicals in the production of their food.   Chemicals from non-organic farms harm the community of soil organisms and degrade soil health.  Healthy soils provide plants with the building blocks of good nutrition.  Phytonutrients not only improve the taste of food, but they also give your body the essential compounds it needs for building a strong immune system. When you buy produce that is conventionally produced the product isn’t growing because of the natural beneficiaries found in the soil. This produce is growing because it is being fed artificial nutrients by petroleum based fertilizers. When we purchase our produce, we ensure our products are thriving because they are nourished by natural products.


Benefits to our environment:

From an ecological standpoint, the benefits of organic farming are pretty clear.  Limiting chemical inputs to the earth whenever possible is a good thing considering much of the chemical additions to farms leave in situations like the agricultural runoff that results in phenomenons like the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. The organic farms supported by Pure Fare promote the idea that the fewer chemicals (herbicides and pesticides), the better.  We believe in a world where farmers and consumers prioritize the earth over the false sense of security that is created trying to create an expert system for agriculture. This not only supports a healthy farm community but a heathy community of people who believe in the Pure Fare message.

Sourcing food from as close to our kitchen as possible also helps to minimize the amount of oil it takes for the food to make it from the farm to your plate.  Minimizing transportation time is key to reducing the expenditure of greenhouse gasses.  Food typically travels long distance after production but the food at Pure Fare is produced in house which is as close as local can get!  At Pure Fare we make the conscious decision to produce our product as responsibly as possible to promote your health the betterment of the planet.

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Kelley Terlip
The Hardware Store for Your Health

Human civilization did not start to flourish until the first seeds were planted for cultivation, this is a great indicator of how food is so deeply rooted in the human condition. That is why our mission at Pure Fare promotes a holistic and sustainable approach to providing food to our customers. The average person is inundated with health food buzzwords daily. We see it all the time, food is promoted as healthy, sustainable, local, organic, unprocessed, GMO free and fresh. However, oftentimes establishments fall short of actually living up to these standards and providing a product that truly strives to be as sustainable as possible.

At Pure Fare we always  look at all three pillars of sustainability. We believe to be TRULY sustainable, you must focus on being environmentally just, socially equitable and you must build a system that is economically viable. In other words, we aren’t putting up smoke screens. We strive every single day to make sure we are building a model that is transparent to our amazing customers while providing food that is 100% GOOD!

Think of Pure Fare as the hardware store for optimal health. We do the leg work to ensure we are providing food that contains the essential elements to make sure our guests are getting the most out of every bite. We order the fresh and organic produce and we order local when we can. We are mindful about our packaging and our waste. Our food is made fresh daily and everything is made totally from scratch. We focus on creating flavor without taking the easy way out and using salt and fat but rather capitalizing on the natural flavors that fresh and flavorful  raw ingredients provide. We research the benefits of the herbs and spices we use to ensure our customers can be confident in the fact that what we are serving is boosting their health.

We celebrate the fact that consumers are casting a vote for how the food system works every time they purchase a meal. We vote for a world where our food is grown by people who are getting fairly compensated. We vote for food that nourishes our bodies and minds. We vote for food that doesn’t contribute to the destruction of our environment. At Pure Fare we believe that business doesn’t have to live and die primarily by our profit margin but rather by honoring our mission and practicing what we preach. 

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Kelley Terlip